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Friday, 21 August 2009

Replace your sails!

Many of you will have been using your sails this summer in light and strong winds. If they have been left hanked on to the boom and roller reefing without a sail cover, the sunlight has been beating down on them.

This sunlight is damaging your sail cloth. Sooner or later this deterioration will cause a tear in your sail, probably when you are out in a bit of a blow! Replacing these sails can be expensive. However, many second hand sails can be bought at auction, for a very reasonable price.

Some of these sails are nearly new. Some, especially headsails may have had rare use. A storm jib or big genoa or spinnaker may be practically new! This could be listed at a fraction of its true value. Buy it now!

Mainsails listed second hand will require more careful consideration. Deterioration may have occurred. Ask plenty of questions and see several photos
before you bid. Sometimes mainsails are for sale because they are being replaced for a larger sail, or one with a different form of reefing. Some sails may be designed for roller reefing. Others may have reefing ties sown in for slab reefing.

So use this time of year, right in the middle of the season to see if you can pick up a bargain.