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Sunday, 3 May 2009

Cleaning the sails!

I decided to take out the jib and genoa from their sail bags today. It was sunny this morning and since the grass was cut early last week it was ideal for looking at the sails. By the way, do not wash your sails soon after cutting the grass! Why?

Well all the bits of grass will get stuck to the sails! That is partly why I mentioned it had been sometime since I cut the grass! With the sail spread out on the back lawn, I inspected the sailcloth for stains and wear. All seemed to be good in terms of wear, but there was the odd area of dark stains.

First task was to apply some soap directly onto the stains, then wait. I was waiting for the soap to take effect on the sail cloth. Then using a soft sponge and warm water (not hot water!) I rubbed in a circular motion with the sponge. Rinse with cold water to quickly remove the soap suds and the stains were almost away!

I left the sails hanging on the washing line to dry. Thankfully they did dry before the sun showers arrived!

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