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Friday, 24 April 2009

Welcome to secondhandsails4sale!

Second hand sails are a useful and cost effective way to replace your existing sails. They are also a way of equipping a new vessel with sails, cheaply. Too many yachts have their sails exposed to sunlight 12 months of the year. Sunlight damages your sails, making them brittle and easily ripped, especially when gybing in a strong wind! This is just when you need a torn sail as the last thing to contend with while out at sea. So use covers, such as a boom sail cover and a cover for your roller reefing jib. These can either be bought new or made specially for your sail by you or a local shop. Sailmakers can make up a cover but you could also use your local sewing repair shop, if you give them the sail cloth (canvas) and a diagram to follow.

Remember, keep your sails protected from the sun as much as possible.

I hope to keep you informed as to how I maintain my sails throughout the year.